Class – One to One Pilates

At Cadenza Pilates we design a completely personalised programme for our clients, using a range of the latest Pilates equipment. In One-to-One classes you benefit from the personal attention of your Pilates instructor in the studio or in the comfort of your own home.

We start with a free telephone or email consultation to discuss any previous medical history and your aims. We then put together a personalised programme, tailored to help you achieve your goals.

We layer new exercises into every class to help you progress and build on your previous sessions. Private classes also allow us to tailor individual exercises for you to work on at home between sessions.

We can also customize classes to focus on specific medical conditions, GP referrals, life-style improvement programmes, injury rehabilitation or chronic pain. We create programmes to complement any ongoing medical treatment.

Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness
Joseph Pilates

Southampton, New Forest,
Winchester or own home

In 10 sessions you will feel the difference,
in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have
a whole new body
Joseph Pilates

Wednesdays and Thursdays
(Winchester Pilates)

Class – Studio Classes

Studio Pilates involves the use of a variety of larger equipment such as the Pilates Reformer, CoreAlign, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Springboard and the Ladder Barrel.

The different apparatus have all been developed with a modern understanding of human biomechanics.

The equipment has a range of springs, bands, straps, carriages, pulley systems and bars to be used for strengthening and improving flexibility. They will challenge your stability, balance and range of motion. The springs and bands can be adjusted to increase the resistance and help build strength.

Studio Circuits is a higher intensity form of studio training, adding more of a cardiovascular element to the studio workout and a more intense full-body workout. Studio Circuits classes involve a wide variety of exercises using a range of Pilates equipment in the studio to maximise the effectiveness of your workout.

The studio is accessible to everyone. The remarkable nature of the equipment both challenges and supports the body.

Although the equipment offers a full-body workout, it also allows you to do more targeted work on specific muscle groups. Studio Pilates is low impact and does not put additional stress on your joints. It can be particularly helpful with injury rehabilitation or for people diagnosed with a variety of medical conditions.

Class – Matwork Classes

Pilates matwork involves a series of movements done on a mat, often incorporating a range of small equipment such as balls, circles, bands and weights to complement your workout.

Matwork classes focus on a wide range of exercises to strengthen your core connection, tone your muscles and improve both your balance and your posture. The exercises are progressive, with emphasis on technique and individual progress.

Matwork classes to helprelieve tension built up in the muscles involve gentle stretching and conditioning. These exercises also help build lasting healthy postural habits.

The classes are goal-specific and time-effective. Matwork Pilates is a full-body workout that is ideal for any level of fitness.

Pilates Matwork classes have a real ‘feel good factor’, improving equanimity, concentration and mood. We aim for you to leave each class with an overall sense of increased wellbeing.

Pilates is a complete coordination of body,
mind and spirit
Joseph Pilates

Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays (Winchester Pilates)
Tuesdays (Brockenhurst Village Hall)
Thursdays (Chilworth Village Hall)

Freedom of Movement and Mind
Joseph Pilates

Class – Foundation Training

When the body moves well, it feels well

Through a series of postures, poses and movements, Foundation Training activates the body’s posterior chain, anchoring the hips and decompressing the spine. Foundation Training is a rewiring of poor patterns ingrained in our bodies, often causing pain, deterioration and inefficiency.

 Foundation Training involves a series of specifically designed movements and engaging postures to effectively retrain the body to the power of the posterior chain.

Foundation Training helps change incorrect movement patterns we do regularly, building strength and stability.

The various exercises and workouts are designed to coordinate with your everyday movement. The exercises work on correctly positioning joints to combat issues and symptoms including sciatica, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain and sacroiliac joint pain.