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Class Details - Biomechanics Training

Biomechanics assessments are carried out upon request, please enquire for details


At Cadenza Pilates Biomechanics, we offer biomechanic screening and video analysis of your movement patterns,  looking at the structure, alignment and function of your body.


We then offer a programme of tailored exercises to improve the functionality of your body, preventing and managing injuries but also helping achieve optimal performance and conditioning.


Cadenza Pilates Biomechanics looks at correcting the causes rather than working around them.


Rider Biomechanics


The rider biomechanics assessment involves, an initial postural assessment, screening and video analysis both ridden and dismounted.  Your instructor will then offer a range of exercises to improve any weaknesses or areas or dysfunction.


By the end of the programme, you will have better body awareness and control, improved breathing patterns and an understanding of core engagement and release whilst riding.


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